Ingolf Ellssel a christian? - Better look twice!

I am sorry I cannot translate the whole dialog that precedes.

Ingolf Ellssel (Germans write Ellßel) once was president of German Pentacostal Federation. In German that is BFP = Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden.

At that time in 2005 we confronted him with a local pastor who was involved in spiritual abuse. To help us. To discharge him. We got no help at all.

The opposite was the case. He showed up here as cynical cruel person, vain, proud and rejecting. Not loving, not behaving as a brother in Christ should do. To make long thinks short: after all by examining his own words we assume that Ingolf Ellssel is not a christian, but much more a freemason or someone from a similar secular cult. He did not do biblical practice which was recommended here but made judging without witnesses over a non-present person.

Years later he left his local pastoring church and vanished into a foreign country, as far as we know.